AOS Co-4 quiz

Published on November 20, 2021
Last updated November 20, 2021

Question 1

In distributed systems, rolling back one process can cause the roll back of other processes is called?

Select one:
a. Domino effect.
b. Deadlock.
c. Synchronization problem.
d. Concurrency problem.

The correct answer is: Domino effect.

Question 2

What is the solution for the problems of livelocks and domino effect?

Select one:
a. ALL.
b. Semaphores.
c. Mutual exclusion.
d. Consistent checkpoints.

The correct answer is: Consistent checkpoints.

Question 3

What is a log?

Select one:
a. None
b. saved state of a process.
c. Mutual exclusion method.
d. Deadlock prevention starategy.

The correct answer is: saved state of a process.

Question 4

What is Orphan message?

Select one:
a. Message which dont know receiver identity.
b. Message which dont know Sender identity.
c. A tuple message
d. All

The correct answer is: Message which dont know Sender identity

Question 5

Restoring processes to previous error-free state is called?

Select one:
a. Backward Recovery.
b. Mutual exclusion.
c. Forward recovery.
d. Both A & B.

The correct answer is: Backward Recovery.

Question 6

What is Write-ahead-log?

Select one:
a. Write logs before update.
b. Both.
c. None.
d. Write logs after update.

The correct answer is: Write logs before update.

Question 7

What are the different ways of maintaining consistency for replicated data?

Select one:
a. stop and wait.
b. All the above
c. circular wait.
d. Shared Lock.

The correct answer is: Shared Lock.

Question 8

What is a classical problem of synchronization?

Select one:
a. Readers and Writers Problem
b. Dining-Philosophers Problem
c. All the above
d. Bounded-Buffer Problem

The correct answer is: All the above

Question 9

Which one of the following technique is used for checkpointing?
Select one:
a. Write ahead log
b. logs.
c. All
d. Shadow paging.

The correct answer is: Shadow paging.

Question 10

What are the types of failures in distributed systems?

Select one:
a. All of the above
b. Communication failure
c. Process failure
d. System failure

The correct answer is: All of the above

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